The Mystery of H₂O


I am a substance.  I’m made up of two elements (hydrogen and oxygen). While it may sound as if I am bragging, I know that there is no substance on this earth that is as versatile as I. In my most common state I am a liquid (water).  I make up over 90 percent of the blood of a human being. People drink me to survive, and not having me can kill someone faster than not having food. When people heat up a pot containing me, they can use me to cook food.  When I am that hot, I scald people’s skin, so you have to handle me with care. If a person, house or forest is on fire, I am a must to extinguish the flame. People use me to brush their teeth, to wash their faces, and to bathe. When I am in a large body, such as a pool, lake, river, or sea, people swim in me. If someone does not know how to swim, that person can drown in me.

water drop

When I am in a body that is not only wide but also deep, canoes can be rowed, boats can be ridden, and ships can sail on me. Plants need me to grow. Without me all lawns and farms are parched. Much of the earth’s surface is made up of me. When powerful winds push me in an ocean, I become a tropical storm, a hurricane, or even a tsunami, and I can be very destructive. All of this is just for when I am in the liquid state.
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