Is Christianity a Spectator Sport?

Is Christianity a spectator sport?  The mega-Church phenomenon—what a sight!  Tens of thousands of worshipers at a football stadium, or what could be a football stadium.  It brings a smile to the face of anyone who wants to see the body of Christ continue to grow.  But before every young pastor aspires to lead a mega-Church, it needs to be realized that there are some drawbacks to the mega-Church phenomenon.   One such drawback is the tendency for Christians to be perfectly satisfied with being spectators at their worship services.  They sit attentively not only to hear the preacher preach but also to watch music bands perform—with the performance being sometimes indistinguishable from what would be seen at a Rock concert.   Each congregant would of necessity be watching them on one of the monitors that have to be employed, for anyone on stage is barely identifiable to the man or woman sitting on the stands.   The effect is akin to the experience someone has while sitting at a stadium and watching a football game, a basketball game or a soccer match.  The worship experience becomes a spectator sport. Continue reading

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