Marriage: why the ceremony’s so important


Everyone these days is talking about same-sex marriage – and rightly so, since it’s such a big issue in our culture right now.  But today I want to give us a little bit of relief from the debate by mixing it up with something else about marriage.  I want to talk today about the marriage ceremony itself.

I’ll start with a full disclosure: I got married three weeks ago today.  It was without a doubt the most exciting and exhilarating thing that I have ever done.  And I simply adore my wife!  People told us that things would subside after a while, but it sure hasn’t done so yet – our love for each other is getting deeper and deeper each day of our marriage.

My dear wife and I were very particular about how we wanted our wedding ceremony to proceed.  A choice of a wedding ceremony is a deep and personal decision, and I want to talk about some of the reasons that were decisive in our own choice of our ceremony.

In short, almost all of our wedding ceremony came out of the Book of Common Prayer.  For those not familiar with this kind of a wedding ceremony, it is a very eloquent ceremony that cites numerous Bible verses, has numerous moments of prayer, and is reverential throughout.  The ceremony proceeds slowly.  It lays out the reasons for getting married, it cautions the couple not to enter into marriage for frivolous reasons, and it is deliberate about involving the surrounding congregation in the proceedings.

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