Sinful, Scandalous C.S. Lewis, Joy, and the Incarnation

Sinful, Scandalous C.S. Lewis, Joy, and the Incarnation

LewisSmokingA couple years ago at a wedding reception, I was asked what I write about and I mentioned that I had co-authored a couple books on CS Lewis.  A woman at the table responded by asking me what I thought of his personal life.  In particular, she wanted to know if I was bothered by the fact that he lived with a woman much older than he was, and likely had a sexual relationship with her.

The woman involved in this juicy affair was Mrs. Moore, the mother of an army friend of Lewis’s named Paddy Moore.  He and Lewis made a pact that if either of them was to be killed in the war the one who made it out alive would take care of the surviving parent of the one who lost his life.  Well, Paddy Moore was killed in the war, and true to his word, Lewis allowed Mrs. Moore to move in with him and he took care of her the rest of her life.  She was at the time an attractive middle aged woman, and there is reason to believe Lewis had a romantic relationship with her, not unlike the notorious relationship depicted in “The Graduate” between Dustin Hoffman’s character and “Mrs. Robinson.” Continue reading

Considering Studying Apologetics? FAQ Part 3: Do I Have to Be a Baptist to Study at Houston Baptist University?

In previous posts, I’ve answered the questions of “What kind of job can I get with an MA in Cultural Apologetics?” and  “How can doing a Thesis help my ministry or academic career?”

Now I’ll answer another common question:

“Do I have to be a Baptist to study in the MA in Apologetics at Houston Baptist University?”

No, you don’t have to be Baptist to study at HBU!

The Department of Apologetics is committed to the ‘mere Christian’ approach. Our mission is to equip students to serve in the entire body of Christ, and we welcome Catholic and Orthodox students as well as Protestant students from denominational and non-denominational churches. And we consider this to be an important element of our mission at the forefront of Christian apologetics.  Continue reading

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