Richard Hays on Christology and Intertextuality in the Gospels

Richard B HaysAs a quick reminder, Richard Hays will be giving the A.O. Collins lectures this Thursday (4/3) and Friday (4/4) on the topic of “How the Gospel Writers Read Israel’s Scripture.” He’s speaking about the (divine) Christology of the Gospel writers through the lens of OT intertextuality.

Thursday, April 3rd 7:00 pm; Belin Chapel
“The Manger in Which Christ Lies’: Figural Readings of Israel’s Scripture”

Friday, April 4th 9:00 am; Belin Chapel
“The One Who Redeems Israel: Reading Scripture with Luke”

Richard B. Hays, Dean and the George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School, is internationally recognized for his work on the letters of Paul and on New Testament ethics. His scholarly work has bridged the disciplines of biblical criticism and literary studies, exploring the innovative ways in which early Christian writers interpreted Israel’s Scripture.

Paul, Judaism, and N.T. Wright

Paul and Judaism landscape

Let me invite you to a major event we’re hosting here at HBU next week. N.T. Wright, former bishop of Durham and now Professor at St Andrews University, will be giving two public lectures in Dunham Theater: Wednesday (3/19) at 11am and Thursday (3/20) at 7pm. All are welcome, and there is no cost to attend nor need for registration for the conference (see below) to come to Wright’s lectures. In addition to his very helpful For Everyone series, Wright has written numerous scholarly works that have helped shape the face of New Testament studies in the last several decades, not least his Christian Origins series. In fact, his very recent work on Paul in this series will be the source of his talks here: Paul and the Faithfulness of God. (If 1600 pages is too much, check out the short version in Paul: In Fresh Perspective.)

Concurrent with Dr Wright’s visit, we are hosting a conference on Paul and Judaism. Internationally respected Pauline scholars, Beverly Gaventa and Ross Wagner, will be our other plenary speakers, in addition to shorter paper sessions. If you want to push in a little deeper on Paul, we would love for you to join us for the conference.

We hope you invite friends to come hear these excellent scholars with you. For more details on any of these items, see the conference website:

Saturday, February 8: Archaeological Conference

Throughout 2014, the Dunham Bible Museum will be hosting a special exhibit, “Khirbet el-Maqatir: History of a Biblical Site”, featuring over 40 objects from excavations in Israel. In fact, one of the objects is ranked by Christianity Today as #1 of “Biblical Archaeology’s Top Ten Discoveries of 2013”. Khirbet el-Maqatir is a contender for the site of Joshua’s Ai. An Archaeological Conference will be held February 8, 2014 featuring scholars who’ve worked at the excavation site: Drs. Eugene Merrill, Leen Ritmeyer, Scott Stripling, and Bryant Wood. For more information and registration, visit

Faith is Fuel for Life

A central goal of HBU is to provide “a Higher Education” as we integrate faith into our academic pursuits.  Here’s one way we describe that:

If you want to fuel your faith, you should consider our undergraduate program in Christianity or our Master of Arts in Theological Studies.

Did you know that HBU has a YouTube site where you can find this and many other videos from the university?

Richard Bauckham Tuesday Night (11/5) at HBU

RichardBauckhamJust a quick reminder that Richard Bauckham is speaking Tuesday night (11/5) at HBU on “Mark’s Topography: The Cognitive Map of a Capernaum Fisherman”.  Come see him at 7pm in Belin Chapel (Morris Cultural Arts Center).  See full details at the A.O. Collins Lectures page.

Get Low: Reflections on Pride and Humility

It’s often best if you don’t know the name of an institution’s attorney because that usually means the institution is not involved in a scandal or law suit.  However, the general counsel for HBU, Jack Wisdom, is someone we think you should know about.  Besides his legal work he is also a sometime teacher in New Testament here since he also has an MDiv from Gordon Conwell.  Earlier this year he wrote a book titled Get Low: Reflections on Pride and Humility.  It’s gotten great reviews on Amazon and some blogs I know, so you should check it out.

A blurb from the book:

Humility and its natural enemy, pride, color every area of our lives. Anyone seeking to follow Jesus needs to follow his example of humility and get low. Jack Wisdom examines how a proper understanding of humility impacts everything from our relationship with God to our view of history, bravery, prosperity, and over a dozen other topics.

SCT Graduate Programs

One of the enjoyable aspects of teaching at HBU is the variety of students that are a part of our graduate programs.  We have a wide range of students that represent all different age ranges, a variety of denominations, and multiple ethnicities.  Perhaps you too or someone you know might be interested in joining this diverse and thriving graduate community, so I thought I might share our School of Christian Thought Graduate programs with you.

We take incoming students for the Spring semester, so don’t think you have to wait until next August.  The application deadline for the Spring is December 1, but if you are interested in scholarships, you need to submit all your traditional application material by November 1, as well as filling out the scholarship application and providing the supporting materials.

Perhaps you are interested but you want to get more details first?  We’re having an Information Reception on October 17 where you can meet some of the faculty and get your questions answered one-on-one.

Call for Papers: Paul and Judaism

Houston Baptist University’s Department of Theology is hosting a conference on “Paul and Judaism” on March 19-20, 2014. Our keynote speakers include N.T. Wright (St Andrews University)Beverly Gaventa (Baylor University), and Ross Wagner (Duke Divinity School).

In addition to the keynote speakers, we are inviting papers in the area of Paul and Judaism, representing a variety of approaches from scholars and graduate students. Participants will have 30 minutes to present papers (inclusive of Q&A). Please submit a 200-300 word abstract to Dr. Ben C. Blackwell at bblackwell[at] by January 15, 2014, and you should receive notification regarding acceptance by January 31. Registration by February 15 is required for those who will present at the conference.

For more info:

I Have A Dream

Today is the 5oth anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King’s iconic “I Have a Dream” speech.  It is hard for me to think that such egregious, institutional racism existed here in the US so recently.  King’s speech was truly a prophetic call to national righteousness, and it’s for this reason that I show it every semester when we talk about the OT Prophets, particularly Amos 5 which he cites.

As I consider Dr King’s call to equality, it makes me question how far we have really come. Continue reading

New Beginnings

August, rather than January, often feels more like new year to me.  With the beginning of the new academic year upon us this Monday, I’m looking forward to renewed relationships with faculty and students and to the opportunity of meeting new faces here on campus.  I love engaging new students because their desire to learn and their passion for the faith encourages me to walk ever closer to the Father.  So to the students starting class tomorrow, welcome (back) to HBU.  May this semester be marked by deep relationships and new intellectual journeys.

Of course, when you work in a setting where you see new faces, old friends graduate and move into their own new beginnings with new jobs and new steps in their journey.  We sent out many great leaders this summer to help build the kingdom of God both far and near.  Thus, it’s a benefit of this setting so see former students spreading their wings in ministry.  So, as we welcome new faces and build new relationships, we don’t forget the old relationships which move into new stages.  Congratulations and Godspeed to those of you who moved on this year.

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