The Unexpected Defenders

Christianity Today's April Cover Photo

Christianity Today’s April cover photo featuring HBU faculty

Christianity Today’s April issue focuses on women in apologetics, featuring the female faculty at Houston Baptist University. “The Unexpected Defenders: Meet Women Apologists” is a significant story for our time. While many other articles have shown the groundbreaking work of women in areas such as business leadership, law, and medicine, there has been a persistent, albeit fading, idea that the Christian intellectual life is only full of men and for men. Yet, there are many Christian women interested in the life of the mind and in how to take responsibility for understanding the faith they profess.

While the article is but a short introduction of a few women who have risen to national platforms, there are a myriad of women of diverse ethnic backgrounds who are building a presence in the field of apologetics. Included in the magazine is an article on the United Kingdom’s Amy Orr-Ewing of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). Ms. Orr-Ewing is one of many women on staff with RZIM all over the world. Further, the International Society of Women in Apologetics boasts a numerous membership. Women are interested in thoughtfully addressing the main theological and philosophical issues of our culture, and, contra-culture, many of these women hold conservative theological views.

Christianity Today’s feature is timely due to the mixed messages that women receive in a culture demanding respect for women while further straying from imagery that respects women (I wrote some thoughts on this matter previously: Superbowl, Female Empowerment, and Marching Bands). It is profitable for the church to see women who stand for the truth of Jesus Christ and combat cultural untruths that assail our society. Here are unexpected defenders who will not mold themselves into the cultural view of women. Here are those who believe in the transforming of the mind, so that they can shape culture, not be swayed by it.

I am grateful to Christianity Today for running an inspiring article in a time when such an article is needed. I am grateful to God for my colleagues at HBU who stand for truth.

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  1. Perhaps, assuming some veracity to the “nurturing” generalization, women apologists will be among the fore in the very necessary development of what Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer called, “the final apologetic,” i.e., the uniquely intra-ecclesial mutual love among Christians for other Christians, as he wrote in “The Mark of the Christian,” in The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer: A Christian Worldview, Volume 4: A Christian View of the Church (Westchester, IL: Crossway, 1982), 181-205; esp. pp. 188ff.

    Jesus in John 17 prescribes this as our primary centripetal evangelistic attraction, and it is only by recovering this that the postmodern world will behold how we love one another and know that Christ is the Son of God.

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