Get Low: Reflections on Pride and Humility

It’s often best if you don’t know the name of an institution’s attorney because that usually means the institution is not involved in a scandal or law suit.  However, the general counsel for HBU, Jack Wisdom, is someone we think you should know about.  Besides his legal work he is also a sometime teacher in New Testament here since he also has an MDiv from Gordon Conwell.  Earlier this year he wrote a book titled Get Low: Reflections on Pride and Humility.  It’s gotten great reviews on Amazon and some blogs I know, so you should check it out.

A blurb from the book:

Humility and its natural enemy, pride, color every area of our lives. Anyone seeking to follow Jesus needs to follow his example of humility and get low. Jack Wisdom examines how a proper understanding of humility impacts everything from our relationship with God to our view of history, bravery, prosperity, and over a dozen other topics.

One response

  1. I read this book before publication. Wisdom has done a great job of advocating for one of the central Christian virtues and urging us to avoid its opposite, pride. Jack is a terrific communicator and gifted theologian. He was going to call it “The Second Best Book on Humility Ever Written” (tongue planted firmly in cheek).

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