Considering Studying Apologetics? FAQ Part 3: Do I Have to Be a Baptist to Study at Houston Baptist University?

In previous posts, I’ve answered the questions of “What kind of job can I get with an MA in Cultural Apologetics?” and  “How can doing a Thesis help my ministry or academic career?”

Now I’ll answer another common question:

“Do I have to be a Baptist to study in the MA in Apologetics at Houston Baptist University?”

No, you don’t have to be Baptist to study at HBU!

The Department of Apologetics is committed to the ‘mere Christian’ approach. Our mission is to equip students to serve in the entire body of Christ, and we welcome Catholic and Orthodox students as well as Protestant students from denominational and non-denominational churches. And we consider this to be an important element of our mission at the forefront of Christian apologetics. 

HBU was founded in 1960 by the Baptist General Convention of Texas, and the university is proud of its roots and continuing connection to the BGCT. Since its founding, HBU has grown into a ‘boldly Christian university’ that takes a ‘mere Christian’ approach, with a serious commitment to orthodox Christian doctrine and the authority of Scripture (as indicated in our statement of faith).

We don’t just talk about ecumenism, we put it into practice… perhaps best exemplified by the fact that our Apologetics faculty includes Protestants, Orthodox, and Catholics.

This ecumenical, ‘mere Christian’ approach means that students can learn from their classmates and faculty who are part of other Christian traditions. What’s more, the ‘iron sharpening iron’ effect of brothers and sisters in Christ from different backgrounds discussing important issues means that our apologists-in-training will learn hands-on how to communicate effectively, winsomely, and accurately to a variety of audiences.

Students who would prefer an education that is shaped specifically by a particular tradition, whether it is Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox, should seek out a school in that tradition (and there are good schools in all three categories!).

But if you’d like to attend a program where – as our Provost has put it – not only can we teach Lewis, Chesterton, Wesley, and Schaeffer, but we could hire them! then HBU is a great place to be. (Here’s a bit more by Dr Reynolds on choosing a college.)

Come join us and be equipped to serve Christ!

Questions? Want to discuss whether an MA in Apologetics at HBU would suit your interests, talents, and calling? Feel free to comment, or drop me an email at

2 responses

  1. You raised some particularly binding points within your website and I wanted to thank you for using the time aand effort for providing this
    helpful information. I’m sure lots of people have benefited from reading this.

  2. I’m curious, how does such friendly co-ideology really happen? Some christians reject the infallibility of the pope in rome? Some reject the trinity. Some reject the divinity of jesus himself? If I say, “your god is no god, but only a gifted teacher.” how does that work? If things are that liberal, why bother with being a chrstian college at all, just be a faith college, and allow hebrews, muslims, and budists to attend as well? If any of them are rejected, please explain why?

    Thank you in advance for your thoughtful replies.. They are appreciated..

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