SCT Graduate Programs

One of the enjoyable aspects of teaching at HBU is the variety of students that are a part of our graduate programs.  We have a wide range of students that represent all different age ranges, a variety of denominations, and multiple ethnicities.  Perhaps you too or someone you know might be interested in joining this diverse and thriving graduate community, so I thought I might share our School of Christian Thought Graduate programs with you.

We take incoming students for the Spring semester, so don’t think you have to wait until next August.  The application deadline for the Spring is December 1, but if you are interested in scholarships, you need to submit all your traditional application material by November 1, as well as filling out the scholarship application and providing the supporting materials.

Perhaps you are interested but you want to get more details first?  We’re having an Information Reception on October 17 where you can meet some of the faculty and get your questions answered one-on-one.

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