New Beginnings

August, rather than January, often feels more like new year to me.  With the beginning of the new academic year upon us this Monday, I’m looking forward to renewed relationships with faculty and students and to the opportunity of meeting new faces here on campus.  I love engaging new students because their desire to learn and their passion for the faith encourages me to walk ever closer to the Father.  So to the students starting class tomorrow, welcome (back) to HBU.  May this semester be marked by deep relationships and new intellectual journeys.

Of course, when you work in a setting where you see new faces, old friends graduate and move into their own new beginnings with new jobs and new steps in their journey.  We sent out many great leaders this summer to help build the kingdom of God both far and near.  Thus, it’s a benefit of this setting so see former students spreading their wings in ministry.  So, as we welcome new faces and build new relationships, we don’t forget the old relationships which move into new stages.  Congratulations and Godspeed to those of you who moved on this year.

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  1. It can to be better than yesterday for this site. Very inspired article, Ben. I appreciated it. Good job and good luck tommorow, Ben. 🙂

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